Our story

In early 2016, an idea which is now 5 Star Nairobi School of Music was born. The goal was to provide distinguished musical skills to learners from all walks of life at affordable rates. From a dream and passion for music, we are now equipping hundreds of our people with salient musical skills of the future.

Today, we take pleasure in guiding you through the adventure of being a professional musician, instrumentalist, music producer, or musical entrepreneur. Our team of young, energetic, professional, and patient music tutors will walk with you all the way and help you explore your abilities.

With our weekly Friday live band experience, you will interact with other music lovers and learn the beauty and thrill of performing in front of a warm and passionate audience.

Our vision

“To give an opportunity to all music lovers to pursue their dream of acquiring musical skills.”  We have a dedicated team of professionals who are driven by this vision and work towards the success of each and every student. We take pride in seeing our students excel, within their respective choices, in Kenya and beyond.

Our Mission

“To make music knowledge and skills accessible to the community. To provide an environment where all musicians, young and old, can nurture their musical talent.” We believe that music is a universal communication tool and even people who may not understand your type of music will definitely welcome your good music. Music promotes peace, love, and unity.

Our Values

We value people. We value our students, partners, and society. Our academy is a place where everybody feels the family touch. We support each other in every situation. Our students also participate in community outreach programs reaching those who may not make it to the academy. For more information about us and our classes, please feel free to visit us, explore our website, or send us an inquiry.