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Music is our language. It’s our therapy! Our tutors are ready to take you through your wonderful journey of learning Piano, Violin, Guitar, Djembe, and other instruments.

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The study of music has been demonstrated to enhance academic learning and helps to develop discipline and confidence that will serve children and young adults throughout their lives.

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5 Star Music Academy is more than just another Music School in Nairobi. Join a community where notes turn into narratives, and dreams into melodies. Your journey begins with the stories of those who have already found harmony with us. 


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From beginners to virtuosos, our community shares their experiences, triumphs, and the harmony they found in mastering the art of music. Join the chorus of satisfied learners and witness the notes of their achievements.

Live Band

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We hold weekly live show bands coordinated by our staff and students on Fridays from 2pm at our venue. Come join us for the sessions at this time to see what we are all about. Attendance is completely FREE FOR ALL. Come join us!

Music Liberation Program

Unlocking Harmonies Behind Bars

 We work closely with Langata Women’s Prison in breaking down barriers and fostering positive change through instrument and vocal lessons. Together, we harmonize hope, one lesson at a time.”


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