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We are located on the 12th Floor, Development Hse, Moi Avenue, Nairobi. Opposite Afya Center. Email: 5starmusickenya@gmail.com

Who we are

5 Star Nairobi School of Music is more than just a Music School. We are a Family of Music Lovers who came together to share our passion for Notes and Musical Instruments. Music is our language. It's our therapy!

We believe that Learning music should be fun and our tutors are ready to take you through your wonderful journey of learning Piano, Violin, Guitar, Djembe, and other instruments.

Enroll today and Unlock your Musical Potential. #Karibu5StarMusic

Music Groups

for all Levels and Ages


Learning music is enjoyable, easy, and fun when you start on a good foundation at the beginning.



We have intermediate music lessons designed to help you grow to the advanced stage of your music journey.



Go from beginner to pro with our advanced music lessons in Guitar, Piano, Drum, Recording, and Singing.

Private lessons

Private lessons

Get personalized private music classes. Learn from the comfort of your space and at your own pace.

Let's make some Music!

Music is taking over the world! Soon you will have to either be a Musician, Music fan, Music Producer, or Instrumentalist. 5 Star Nairobi School of Music is giving you a chance to be part of the Future by offering you great skills with amazing discounts in all our Music Lessons.

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Musical Instruments

Music Lessons in Nairobi

Piano Lessons

Learn how to play piano from beginner to pro in a fast, fun, and interactive way.

Guitar Lessons

Learn how to play guitar the easy and fun way from the best guitar tutors in Kenya.

Voice Coaching

Learn how to sing and improve your vocals! voice lessons for all levels and ages.

Drums Lessons

Learn To Play Drums. Essential techniques, patterns, fills, grooves, and rhythms.

Violin Lessons

Learn how to play the violin from the best violinists in town. Become a Pro too!

Dance Lessons

Learn contemporary dance styles and classical moves. Visit us and Walk-in, Dance out!

Music Production

Learn all the technical aspects of audio recording and music production easily.

Saxophone Lessons

We make learning how to play the saxophone fun and so much easier. Affordable too…

5 Star Nairobi School of Music

Join us and let’s have some fun while achieving your musical goals! You will learn how to play Guitar, Violin, Saxophone, Drums, and Piano like a Pro. Spin the Decks and Become the next best DJ in Kenya. Learn how to produce Music with the best Producers in Nairobi.
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Music Lessons
Live bands



From 2 pm

Live Band Sessions

Join us every Friday afternoon for a Live Band Session. Enjoy some awesome music while interacting with our community of music lovers. Let’s Jam!

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Build Your Musical Career.
School of Music

School of Music

Are you looking for a place to Play your favorite musical instrument, Have Fun, Be Awesome and then Repeat 😊? You’ve come to the right place!

Learn to Play Piano

Learn to Play Piano

Piano Lessons for Complete Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Learners. Learn to Play the Piano from Nairobi’s best tutors.

Music Classes

Music Classes

There is a star in you, give us the opportunity to let it shine. With zero experience in music we can guide you to be a pro.

Wairimu Gikang’a

It's fun and enjoyable. Full of fun people and the environment is friendly. Their teamwork is just amazing and the teaching style makes you want to come back and learn more. Three months is very worth it.

Wairimu Gikang'a
Sharon Karimi

The school has everything that children need for successful study: textbooks, daily assignments, planners, notebooks, music sheets, a staff who are very nice and kind, and ready to help at any time.

Sharon Karimi
Shalom Avina

The one-on-one teaching made it easier and faster for me to learn the violin. Friday's live band is just the bomb...no place I'd rather be.

shalom Avina
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