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We make learning how to play the saxophone fun and so much easier. Affordable too…

Learn to Play the Saxophone

Hello, future Sax PRO

Are you looking for a place to Play Sax, Have Fun, Be Awesome, and then Repeat 😊?

Have you been looking for a professional Saxophone tutor in Nairobi without success?

Do you want to learn how to play the saxophone at affordable rates, but are not sure where to begin?

You are now in the right place!

Why the Sax?

Saxophone lessons are a brilliant method to start a fulfilling new hobby, pick up a new skill, and have fun.

Our music academy offers jazz, pop, and rock saxophone classes in Nairobi with the best wind instrument teachers in the city. We have lessons for kids as well as for adults of all levels.

Join us and learn classical saxophone and jazz saxophone from professional and friendly tutors.

Contact us or Book a free trial lesson today! 

Need a Saxophone?

Our Music Store has everything you need to make your musical journey a success and our students are always eligible for discounts. Please contact our Music Store for student rates, rentals, or for more information.

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