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Get personalized private music classes. Learn from the comfort of your space and at your own pace.

Private Music Lessons in Nairobi

At 5 Star Nairobi School of Music, we proudly offer private music lessons to our clients.

We know that private tutoring produces better results for students who do not prefer group classes. With this in mind, our school matches you with the best tutors for your private classes whether at your home or office.

Benefits of Private Music Lessons over Group Lessons.

When thinking about whether to opt for private tutoring or group lessons for you or your child, you will find a number of pros and cons that come with either option.

We reached out to our former students and they gave us some of the reasons why they chose private lessons over group classes.

Benefits associated with private tuition

  • It is easier for a student to understand things that they may struggle with. This is because they feel confident asking one-on-one questions to their tutors.
  • It is easier to learn faster since the tutor is fully focussed on one student.
  • One-on-one learning increases a student’s confidence while learning a musical instrument.
  • It offers the student a chance to learn from the comfort of their space.
  • Flexible lesson scheduling: The tutor and student can agree on the most convenient time for the classes.
  • Private music classes provide one-on-one attention, so tutors can focus on an individual student’s learning needs.

More and more people in Kenya are opting for private lessons. This trend is growing fast since there is minimal traveling and the student gets personalized teaching.

Enroll in private classes and we will match you with the best music tutors in Nairobi.

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Do you prefer group or private classes? We would love to hear your feedback. Share with us in the comment section below or write us an email.

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