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Learn how to play guitar the easy and fun way from the best guitar tutors in Kenya.

Learn How to Play the Guitar

Have you always wanted to play the guitar and looking for a Guitar Tutor in Nairobi?

At 5 Star Nairobi School of Music, we are ready to get you started as a beginner or take you to the next level as an intermediate or advanced player.

Why Choose our Guitar Lessons

  • They are fun and individualized.
  • Our tutors are patient and ready to guide you.
  • We have schedules that match your availability.
  • You can take classes at our school or your home
  • We have special live band sessions where you can practice, interact with other instrumentalists, and learn more about the music industry.

Our Guitar Classes Levels

➡️Beginner Classes

These classes are tailored for completes beginners or those who can play a little.

You will learn;

  • A short about guitars.
  • Types of guitars and how to tune a guitar.
  • How to choose the right guitar.
  • Guitar Strings and Basic chords.
  • Easy Picking and strumming patterns.
  • How to play easy guitar riffs and popular songs.
  • Simple techniques to get you started in less time.

➡️Intermediate Classes

Intermediate classes are designed for learners who can change chords and play basic guitar songs already.

You will learn;

  • Advanced chords
  • Guitar scales
  • Music theory
  • Sound control.
  • Playing your favorite songs.
  • Lead techniques and harder songs.

➡️ Advanced Classes

Once you are through with Beginners and Intermediate levels, you’ll be able to play the guitar like a PRO and can learn more in-depth about the instrument and music industry. Advanced classes equip you with skills that will help you navigate the music industry. You will leave polished and ready to play in a band, create your own music path, play different types of guitars, and integrate well with other music lovers.

Enroll today and learn to play the Guitar in our relaxed, fun, and friendly school.

Still on the Fence?

Visit us for a FREE TRIAL LESSON and one on one chat with our Guitar Teacher.


  • Kids Guitar Lessons
  • Beginner Guitar Lessons
  • Intermediate Guitar Lessons
  • Advanced Guitar Lessons


Our Guitar classes are conducted at our Nairobi Branch.

Location: Development House. 12th Floor, Moi Avenue, Nairobi. Kenya.

Phone No: +254 722 831 647



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  • by Damaris Anyonga Posted November 8, 2021 12:11 pm

    i would like to enroll for guiter classes as a beginner. so you have evening classes or what schedules do you have.

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