Learning music is enjoyable, easy, and fun when you start on a good foundation at the beginning.

“Music theory is the explanation of the ideas behind music and how music is put together. With a good foundation in music theory, you will understand what you are playing, which will make things like improvisation and composing much easier! You will be able to improvise versions of your favorite songs and play without sheet music!” ~ Zebra Keys

Beginners Music Lessons in Nairobi

Beginner Music Lessons are essential for any beginning music student as they create a good understanding of the music basics. Without this foundation, a student will find it difficult to grasp the harder concepts and may end up losing interest completely.

A good instructor knows that, despite a student’s urge to learn fast, they have to start with the building blocks of music.

Basic music theory for beginners equips a learner with the ability to understand the basics that form harmony, melody, and good rhythm. They learn to listen to musical notes, analyze, create, and play music.

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  • by Dancun omondi Posted January 13, 2021 2:47 pm

    Cool and adorable school of music ,I wish I could you soon

  • by Dancun omondi Posted January 13, 2021 2:48 pm

    Adorable school of musica

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