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We are arguably the most affordable music school in Nairobi, if not Kenya. Our model eliminates unnecessary prices and overcharges usually used by others. This way, you get value for your money. Every student is assigned to a single tutor during the lessons, giving each a one to one attention for the entire period. Students also choose their preferred time.

Our Core Mission

As an Academy, we believe that music, just like all forms of knowledge, should be accessible to the vast majority of people. Together with that, students should learn in a clean and spacious environment where they are not easily distracted.

Our classes are located on the 12th floor of the Development House. This ensures there is no disruption from the usual Nairobi traffic. Development House’s expansive 12th floor provides our School with spacious rooms for quality learning and group performances. Classrooms are also well buffered to filter noise while ensuring proper ventilation. All this goes a long way in ensuring a comprehensive learning and understanding.

We also welcome our graduates to freely use the premises and pieces of music equipment for their own development. We have enough equipment for all students in line with their age groups and learning needs.

We also offer outreach programs where we teach music to needy children in rescue centers. is one of our partners in this venture.

Feel free to talk to us. We can also interact through our Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram. Feel Free to read About Us or look at the Services and Courses we offer.

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